Selection Criteria - Tailoring Applications

Types of Selection of Criteria
Selection criteria is more than just the desired skills an employer is looking for. It also includes experience, abilities, awareness and both hard and soft skills. The most common type of selection criteria includes qualifications. Most jobs, especially at a professional level; have a set requirement of qualifications needed.

Skills and Abilities
This type of selection criterion is the most frequently occurring in job advertisements. The aim with this type of criteria is to provide examples of scenarios when you have shown this skill or ability. Again, the STAR Model is an effective framework to demonstrate this criterion via detailed examples.
Some examples include:
·         Communication skills
·         Customer service skills
·         Written Communication skills

For this criterion, it is best to provide a full scope of your experience rather than simply touching on examples. Explore each instance of you experience by listing them and providing details of what you’ve done; really go into depth with any information that illustrates that you performed well.
Some examples include:
·         Experience using technology in a previous job
·         A past manager role
·         Previous work in a certain industry or area

Understanding or Awareness
This requires a summary of an issue or subject, along with some specifics to demonstrate your knowledge in the area.
Some examples include:
·         How or where you obtained your knowledge
·         If you do not have any direct experience in the selection criteria topic mentioned, see if you can explore an example that is related to it or is somewhat similar or comparable through related practice

This criterion would be the simplest to answer, as all it requires is a succinct factual response that states the qualification necessary for the position. If the application asks for further information, you can elaborate by exploring aspects like relevant subjects undertaken while completing the qualification.
Some examples include:
·         Diploma of Project Management
·         Certificate IV in Accounting
·         Certificate III in Allied Health Services

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