Thank you for nominating your organization for a Talent Development Reporting principals (TDRp) Excellence Award.

This unique award program focuses on the forward-thinking, transformational work of learning and development teams to show impact and value through management, measurement, evaluation and reporting of programs and the function overall. 

There are several components to TDRp. This award program recognizes excellence in five critical areas: 

  1. Relationship with Business Units 
  2. Business Planning & Goal Setting
  3. L&D Governance
  4. L&D Measurement
  5. Reporting Methodology
You may apply to a single award category or multiple awards. For each award category to which you will apply, please provide the requested information (collateral/evidence) and answer the supporting questions. Each application will be considered for each category where information is provided. You do not need to provide information for all categories to be considered for a specific award.

Applications are due by midnight eastern time on January 15, 2019. The Center for Talent Reporting will recognize finalists in each of the five categories and in overall excellence. Finalists will be notified by Thursday, January 24, 2019 of their selection and the winners will be announced at the CTR Conference on Wednesday, February 20, 2019. For more information about the conference and agenda, please click here.
  • All awards are judged on performance as of or before September 1, 2018. All responses and supporting material should refer to existing practices, reports, or material used, delivered or in place on or before that date.
  • The awards intend to recognize the practice of effective learning and development reporting. Where applicable and appropriate, evidence will be given more weight if it is the ACTUAL report, document, process in place, as opposed to a presentation or document describing the report, etc.
  • If a piece of evidence supports multiple categories – please submit the evidence in each category it applies.
  • When applying in multiple categories, additional points will be awarded when reviewers can easily identify that the supporting evidence relates to the same learning and development initiative referenced in other award categories.
  • We request supporting statements from L&D or line of business leaders describing the benefit of excellence to your enterprise in each area. Those statements will not be used publicly unless the statement is verified with the leader, and explicit permission is granted for use by the leader. 
  • When uploading evidence, the acceptable file types include Doc, Docx or PDF files.
  • If you cannot complete the application in one session, you will be able to click on the same link and resume where you left off. If you want to change any aspect of your submission before the deadline, you will be able to do so.