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CARB-TCMPA is pleased to announce that draft national standards for the accreditation of Education Programs of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (TCMA) have now been developed.

This pan-Canadian accreditation program for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture education will:

Increase the consistent quality of education from program to program
  • Promote a consistent level of quality care to patients across the country
  • Promote mobility for professionals from one regulated province to another
  • Increase accountability and transparency of education programs in the profession
  • Increase confidence in the profession by all stakeholders
The requirements included in the standards outline what needs to be in place to become accredited; it is the organization’s responsibility to show how it meets or exceeds these requirements within its capacities and resources and in accordance with evidence-based practice and applicable legislation. 

The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback on the draft standards and that feedback will be analyzed and considered for the next draft of the TCMA accreditation standards. CARB-TCMPA has retained FICS (an independent consultant) to assist with this work. If you have any questions regarding this survey, please do not hesitate to contact FICS at info@fics.ca. If you have any questions regarding the development of this accreditation program, please contact Dan Garcia at dan@carb-tcmpa.org.

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