Please read the Committee Selection Procedures below, then select ALL the committees for which you'd like to be considered.
Share your talents with TBR, and in return you’ll make new friends and grow personally and professionally. For formal committee descriptions, please see the TBR Policy & Procedures Manual at (TBR Member Login required). In addition to the selections below, throughout the year TBR may announce additional shorter-term “micro-volunteering” opportunities that aren’t listed here.

Per the Policy & Procedures Manual, Part III Committees of the Board, 3.1a Appointment and Length of Term

Committee volunteer solicitation for 2023 is open from October 1, 2022 through November 30, 2022. The deadline to submit your request for service is November 30, 2022. Members can serve on no more than three committees unless approved by the President and President Elect.

The President and President Elect will appoint committee members, giving careful consideration to diversity of experience, background, balancing the committee based on brokerage, and real estate specialty to achieve a diverse group of members to accomplish the committee's goals. Appointed committee members will be contacted on behalf of the President, President Elect, and Chair and asked to serve.

*NOTE: Committee chairs will have an opportunity to add members until January 31, 2023 if there is an insufficient number of volunteers; however, they may not add members that are already serving on three committees for that year. Any additions to committees must be approved by the President. Any member requesting addition to a committee after January 31, 2023 may, with the approval of the President, serve as a non-voting member for the current year.

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