Thank you for your interest in completing the 2020 Budget Survey. Council has instructed staff of the Town of The Blue Mountains to seek input early on in the Town’s Budget process from residents, businesses and stakeholders with respect to key priorities for the 2020 Corporate Budget.  The survey below is part of the public consultation process and is an important part of the Town’s Budget process.  YOUR INPUT IS IMPORTANT SO ALL SURVEY RESPONSES WILL BE REVIEWED BY TOWN STAFF AND A REPRESENTATIVE OF TOWN COUNCIL.

Background Information

Each year the Town of The Blue Mountains collects property taxes from property owners, farms, and business within the municipality. These taxes are collected for the Town, County, and school boards.  For the Town, these taxes pay for a variety of services used and enjoyed by residents, business owners, stakeholders and visitors to the Town.

Services provided by the Town include:
  • administrative services such as planning, building, community services and finance
  • garbage and recycling/compost pick-up / Town landfill
  • road, bridge and drainage infrastructure maintenance
  • snow removal from roads and sidewalks
  • municipal water and wastewater services
  • library and museum services
  • public parks, greenspaces, trails and recreational facilities such as the Thornbury Harbour, Beaver Valley Community Centre, Craigleith Community Centre, Ravenna Hall, 27 public parks, Tomahawk Golf Course, and three regulation soccer fields
  • police services, by-law enforcement and fire / emergency services
As you can see, the Town is responsible for providing a wide variety of services. The chart on the next page has been included to show how each dollar of your property taxes are spent.
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