To make our conference more inclusive, we are providing space for attendees to build community, make connections, network, and exchange ideas in less structured settings. These spaces will be created by and for our attendees. Groups will meet at the conference to discuss topics of mutual interest and set directions for future in-person and virtual connections. Group leaders will help keep the discussions active, productive, inclusive, and informative. All conference attendees are welcome to participate.

Affinity Groups provide space for attendees who share common identities to connect with others who can relate to their lived experience. This in-person opportunity aims to:
  • Provide attendees with a shared identity space to connect, support one another, and share wisdom about navigating institutions as members of systematically marginalized groups.
  • Create spaces where members of a shared identity feel safe being their authentic selves.
  • Lower barriers to organizing and advocating for change within the Title IX profession.
Please note you do not need to have a certain identity characteristic to join any group. All attendees are welcome and may participate as allies.

Community Connections are resource groups to help professionals in the Title IX field facilitate peer-to-peer exchange of current ideas and Title IX issues. This in-person opportunity aims to:
  • Provide attendees with space to share ideas about the challenges within the Title IX field.
  • Network for job opportunities.
  • Increase peer support for members in similar professions.
These in-person opportunities will be held at our annual conference in Philadelphia, PA.

Please complete this survey by September 15 to help ATIXA determine which groups should be offered at the conference.

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* 1. Please choose the three Affinity Groups that most appeal to you:

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* 2. Please choose the three Community Groups that most appeal to you:

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* 3. These groups are not possible without attendee group facilitators! Are you interested in facilitating any groups? All group facilitators will be offered a $25 Visa gift card.