1. Essay Prompt, Requirements, Eligibility and Awards

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* 1. AWARDS:

Cornelius Vander Broek First Place Prize: $3,500
Second Place Award: $3,000
Third Place Award: $2,500
Fourth Place Award: $2,000
Fifth Place Award: $1,500
Sixth Place Award: $1,000
Seventh Place Award: $750
Eighth Place Award: $500
Ninth Place Award: $400
Tenth Place Award: $300
Optional Honorable Mention(s): $200

ELIGIBILITY: Open to any graduate students through age 30, or to undergraduate students ages 25-30 who attend a North American college or university. You remain eligible to enter this contest if you will graduate by spring or summer of 2024. All eligible entrants are offered a full 1-year complimentary student membership to FFRF, which includes a digital version of 10 issues of Freethought Today (FFRF's newspaper, which publishes winning student essays), and a complimentary book or premium.


PROMPT: More and more conservative public officials, candidates and preachers are insisting that the United States is a “Christian nation,” that certain Christian views are privileged and that our laws must reflect their doctrines. Which statements and legislative actions concern you the most or present the greatest threats to our secular democracy? How dangerous is Christian nationalism and how does it adversely affect you and the country? Use examples. Be sure to define Christian nationalism and explain why you oppose it.

WORD LENGTH: 550-750 words