* 1. To what extent do you read the Managed Care eNews, the Prevention, Wellness & Lifestyle eNews, or the Oncology & GBEMTI eNewsletters?

* 2. Do you share the eNewsletters with colleagues and partners?

* 3. Have you used the information contained within the eNewsletters in any way?

* 4. How would you rate the overall design of the eNewsletters?

* 5. The weekly publishing schedule for the eNewsletters is:

* 6. How would you rate the overall quality of article contributions?

* 7. Where did you hear about our eNewsletters?

* 8. Thinking about the articles in the eNewsletters, please mark on the following scale what best represents your opinion.

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The topics are relevant
The information in the articles is useful
The articles are easy to understand
I keep the newsletters for reference
I read about the product promotions.
Overall are you satisfied with the newsletters?

* 9. Have our eNewsletters encouraged you to...

* 10. Please indicate topics that support patient advocacy that you are interested in seeing addressed in the eNewsletters:

  1: Least Interested 2 3: Neutral 4 5: Most Interested
Mobile health applications
Medication management
Home and remote monitoring technologies
Assistive technologies
Cognitive and brain fitness tips
PERS/fall prevention techniques
Social networking
Program planning and design
Technology selection strategies
Patient selection, recruitment, and management strategies
Clinical management, provider engagement, clinical processes
Financial management / ROI analysis of program models
Program compliance/regulation
Program evaluation and performance improvement
Medicare/Medicaid updates

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