Can you help us change the law for trans and gender diverse people?

Equality Australia and ACON are working together with a group of organisations for reforms which would allow trans and gender diverse people to update the gender marker on their birth certificate in NSW without the need for any surgery.  Equality Australia is also working with organisations for reforms in WA and Qld.

Currently, before a birth certificate can be updated:
  • NSW and Queensland requires two doctors to verify that a person has undergone surgery altering their reproductive organs.
  • WA requires two doctors to verify that a person has undergone a medical procedure such as surgery or hormone therapy, among an extensive hearing process before a board.
We’re interested to hear from trans and gender diverse people across Australia, and the people who love them, about the impact of these laws, and whether you might be interested in being involved in a campaign to change them.

All questions are optional, some ask for very personal information about surgical interventions and others seek your experience of using a birth certificate that doesn’t affirm who you are. 

If anything comes up for you as you complete this survey, please seek support from mates, mob and networks. You can also contact:

About the organisations conducting this survey:
  • Equality Australia is a national organisation working to ensure equality for LGBTIQ+ people and their families.
  • ACON promotes the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ people in NSW.  The ACON trans and gender diverse health equity team is responsible for bringing you TransHub.
Equality Australia and ACON are proud to work with organisations across Australia who are supporting this survey, including: