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Welcome to the 2019 Auto Rental News Professional of the Year Awards - Operator Category!

This award is dedicated specifically to employees of car rental operations. If you are a car rental vendor, please exit this survey and use this form for vendors.

Entry Form Rules and Guidelines:

•This form may be completed by the nominee, the nominator, or both. Please ensure one application per nominee.

•To ensure anonymity for judging purposes, please REMOVE ALL REFERENCES to nominee’s NAME (use "I," "he" or "she"), the nominee's COMPANY or IDENTIFIERS to the COMPANY when filling out answers.

•The questions are intended as an overall guide to solicit as much information as possible about the nominee to make an informed judging decision. Questions with an * are required. While every question does not need to be answered to complete the survey, you will be judged on the thoroughness of your responses.

•Survey Monkey remembers your answers after you've completed each page. If you exit the survey and reenter through the same link, your answers will be saved.

•Survey forms may be audited. We may contact nominee or a third party for further qualification.

•We encourage entries from many countries. However, for ease of judging, please apply in English.

•For questions regarding this form, contact

•Thank you for your entry!