12% of survey complete.

Thank you for choosing to participate in the GPS survey!

Later in this survey you will be given the option to provide us with your contact information so we can enter you into a drawing to WIN one of 20 scholarships, each good for one online CIC or CRM course. You must complete the entire survey, including the financial questions regarding your income statement and balance sheet, to be eligible to win a scholarship. 

You may also send your financial statements to The National Alliance and we will maintain your confidentiality and complete this section for you. 

Survey participants are also eligible to purchase one copy of the new GPS study at 50% off the regular price.

Note: Publicly held insurance brokers or agencies cannot be included in this survey.
Step 1. Gather the items below to complete the questionnaire:
  • Your agency's Income and Expense Statement and Balance Sheet for the most recent fiscal year-end. If you have more than one location or operate with different profit centers, use statements which reflect the combined total of all your operations.
  • Reports or records which reflect your number of carriers, number of accounts, number of personnel, etc.

EASIER OPTION: You have the option of sending The Academy your Income and Expense Statement and Balance Sheet for the most recent fiscal year-end. We will complete these parts of the questionnaire for you. If you choose this option, you can leave questions 15 through 26 blank, but you must complete all the other pages, including contact information at the end so we can match up your online questionnaire with the financial statements that you send.

Send your financial statements to:

The National Alliance Research Academy; Attention: Carol Crysup, PO Box 27027; Austin, TX 78755-2027.  You may also email this information to btoll@scic.com.

All information sent will remain absolutely confidential.

Step 2. Please review the following:
  • Be certain all information you record on the questionnaire is from the same fiscal year-end date.
  • If you have more than one branch or office, enter combined numbers from all branches and/or offices.
  • Double-check your addition and totals. The information submitted should match your agency financial statements.
  • Do not use decimals, commas, dollar signs, percent signs, or cents. Enter whole numbers only.