A Bookend Trust/ Expedition Class Adventure Learning Project

Please read this first!

The Swag Family project will be a live adventure for the entire 2019 school year. We will ride around Australia, documenting people, place and environment, in engaging student-friendly reports and videos. A major theme is learning about place directly from the people we meet; especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples, who may bring different perspectives than our own as a family on the road. We'll also be taking a special interest in the plants and animals we find along the way and inviting students to share investigations of their own corners of the world.

These themes will be explored in three specially written Australian Curriculum-aligned student workbooks for Year 1-2, Year 3-4 and Year 5-6. The content is designed to be flexibly delivered by teachers to classes any time during the year. It will cover parts of most curriculum areas but we're deep-diving into Science, HASS, HPE and Digital Technologies

The parts of the project that will always be freely available to teachers and students are the regular online multimedia reports. These reports will follow the topics of:

1. Adventure (the ups and downs of the adventure from the family)
2. Stories (features interviews with people and documentation of places along the way)
3. Biology (special reports on interesting animals and plants that align with the 'Explore Your Corner' student work)
4. Swag (gear explainers, random stuff, light relief, our family Reconciliation Action Plan updates)
5. Challenge (special reports that align with the 'Create Your Own Adventure' student workbook + pop up lesson suggestions)

We will also be offering free downloads of the Swag Family Official Journal (20 page activity booklet for Year 1-6)

The parts of the project that will turbo-charge student motivation and learning will only be available with a Classroom Subscription. This will include:
  • A 30 minute class/school Skype from the expedition (or personal visit if time and location align!).
  • Download of Explore Your Corner integrated unit/ student workbook.
  • Download of Create Your Own Adventure integrated unit/ student workbook.
  • Participation in the moderated forums for students and teachers. 
Classroom Subscriptions will be offered as follows*:
  • Free for all Tasmanian Department of Education teachers/schools.
  • Free for the first 4 schools from each state and territory (public or private).
  • $275 (incl. GST) for the first class + $50 for each additional class at the same school. (e.g. for three classes at your school to participate: $375, or $125 per class).
  • $50 (incl. GST) per home schooled family/student.
We receive occasional sponsorships and grants that immediately become free subscription opportunities for schools. Please indicate below if you would like to be paired with a free subscription if it becomes available.

*Completing this EOI is not a commitment to sign up for a Classroom Subscription. 

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Thanks for completing this EOI to be involved in Swag Family. We'll keep you informed of progress at every step of this adventure by the email you provide. The timetable from here will be:

  • November - release curriculum outlines. (Complete)
  • Nov/Dec - launch full website with subscription offer. (Coming soon)
  • Early January/ start of 2019 school year - completed student workbooks and teacher guides released to subscribers
  • 7th January - soft launch (rubber hits the road): gear test in Tasmania (keep an eye on www.swagfamily.com.au).
  • 18th February - school launch in Tasmania (we make a big fuss of leaving).
  • Feb - Dec - regular (2 x week) multimedia reports uploaded to website; forum active; Skyping to schools all over the place. Teachers can join and flexibly use resources anytime during the year.