Community Support Questionnaire

This has been a challenging year for everyone and those in need count on your support more than ever. To help you during these difficult times, ACS is launching a community support campaign, which is endorsed by numerous partner foundations, corporates and volunteers who are also looking for ways to help, both financially and in-kind.

We invite you - our NGO Champion -to join us by completing the following Questionnaire and sharing what you would like our prospective resource partners to know about your organization and your current funding or other need(s). The Questionnaire contains 35 questions which should take you approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and should be completed by your leadership team. 

Once we receive your completed Questionnaire, we will be able to raise visibility of your organization and your current needs online, on a dedicated platform on the ACS website. This platform will also be shared by ACS with our network of 2000 business volunteers, partner foundations and corporates. By raising your profile and needs, our hope is to better connect you with prospective resource partners.

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Tse at

今年對我們所有人都是充滿挑戰的一年,有需要人士更甚。ACS 發起一個名為「Community Support Campaign」的項目,希望幫助您渡過此難關。項目受到不同基金會、企業及願意提供金錢或其他支援的義工支持。


我們的願景是希望透過上載您的完整的回覆至ACS網站,增加貴機構及目前需要的可見性,從而加強貴機構與潛在合作夥伴的聯繫。我們亦會積極地向ACS 2000名商界義工、基金會及企業分享此平台。

如有任何疑問,請電郵至 與謝小姐聯絡。
14% of survey complete.