Program Participation and Training Confirmation Form

Thank you for your interest in The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center's Ray and the Sunbeatables™: A Sun Safety Curriculum. We are grateful to hear that you agree to use the sun safety curriculum within your school or center and commit to undertake your best efforts to complete the responsibilities provided below.

Responsibilities of CATCH Global Foundation and MD Anderson Cancer Center:
  • Provide a training session by webcast or at a mutually agreed upon location for site directors and all program staff who will be providing sun safety instruction to children
  • Provide 1 Sunbeatables™ curriculum toolkit and 1 Training Guide per participating qualified site free of charge. In order to qualify for a free curriculum toolkit a site (a site is a location or center with a distinct address) must enroll a minimum of 10 preschool aged children ages 2-5 and/or a minimum of 10 school aged children ages 5-8.
  • Provide program support by phone (855-500-0050 x805) or email ( as needed
Responsibilities of School or Center:
  • Identify a Sun Safety Champion for each site who will advocate for the Sunbeatables™ program, lead sun protection efforts, and provide program assistance to directors and program staff as needed
  • Recruit organization leaders, Sun Safety Champions and program staff to attend training to learn how to implement the sun safety curriculum and practice sun protection for children at the site throughout the year
  • Cover any costs of directors’ and program staff's attendance at training
  • Ensure each participating teacher or child care provider begins teaching the Sunbeatables™ program within one month of training
  • Ensure that all children in identified age groups or classrooms receive instruction in the entire SunbeatablesTM program within the scope of one defined session or school year
  • Promote sun safety behaviors throughout the year with an emphasis during spring and summer
  • Prominently display program signage in halls or common areas promoting to program staff, parents and visitors of the school or center’s commitment to sun safety practices  
  • Include Sunbeatables™ parent messages in parent communications on a regular basis (e.g., newsletters, email blasts, social media, mobile applications)
  • Report to CATCH Global Foundation on demographics and background such as age, racial and ethnic distribution of children and the number of sites, classrooms and children using the program 
  • Participate in program evaluations, including a training evaluation form, written or online surveys, or telephone interviews to be completed by the school or center director and program staff at the site
  • Allow use of school or center name, representative’s name, quotes and pictures in publicity surrounding the Sunbeatables™ program, including electronic, online, print, video and other media

* 1. By completing the following information, you certify that you and your school principal, center director or program director agree to the responsibilities listed above.

* 2. Are you the Sun Safety Champion?

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