The City is updating its 2009 Comprehensive Plan.  The purpose of this plan is to determine  long-term community goals and aspirations over the next 10+ years, establishing City policies and actions related to transportation, utilities, land use, recreation, housing and economic development. 

Why is the City updating this Plan?
Sun Prairie has changed a lot since the current Comprehensive Plan was adopted.  This 2018 planning process will assess the City's progress, re-evaluate issues, revisit goals, and clarify the City's path forward

Why is it important to get my feedback in this survey?
This survey is an important opportunity for all individuals living and working in the Sun Prairie area to contribute their thoughts and opinions related to the growth of the community.  Public feedback will help shape community goals, principles and actions within the Plan.

How long will it take to the survey?  And will my responses remain anonymous?
The survey will take roughly 20-25 minutes; and YES, your responses will remain anonymous.  

7% of survey complete.