Joint Summits 2017 DataEd Hackathon

The Open Data for Discovery Science Education Hackathon (DataEd Hackathon) seeks to encourage multi-disciplinary teams to develop educational modules that will enable to trainees to develop the practical skills needed for the analysis of publicly available, large-scale personalized “–omics” data in a reproducible and rigorous manner.

Hackathon Format

Reproducibility and rigor in biomedical research that leverages open data is an important topic that has been a subject of intense recent interest, and further, is not often addressed in Biomedical Informatics training curricula.  In response to this gap in knowledge, the goals for the DataEd Hackathon are to:

•   Highlight differences in approach to the problem of reproducing and/or replicating findings from published literature and;

•   Extend the analysis of the dataset to other publicly available resources towards generating novel hypotheses.

The Hackathon activities take place between January and March 2017 culminating in final presentations for the top 3 teams during the Joint Summits on Translational Science in San Francisco, March 27- 30.

Applicants must register by January 9.
Options:  Apply as a team leader OR as a Match-a-Hack for space-available, team matching. 

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* 2. By completing this application, I have read and understand the Call for Participation on the website and I understand that:

1) The ideas, solutions, and submissions that are produced by the group or any individual will be made available for use by the broad Biomedical Informatics community, via the AMIA web site, using a Creative Commons licensing model; and 

2) Participants acknowledge that they have no financial ties or expect no financial gain from participation; and 

3) Participation and input is voluntary and donated time.

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* 4. Which participant role are you applying for? (A maximum of 15 teams will be selected for participation.)