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Join the 11th edition of ABSL Summit – to be organized “LIVE”, this September!

The ABSL Summit is a unique stage where every year breakthrough global solutions, ideas and concepts clash. This year, during the ABSL Summit 2021 – Beyond Tomorrow. Building a sustainable future - we want to jointly imagine a world built on the foundations of the sustainable economy.

Given the dynamically changing situation, we will make every effort to organize the event which ensures the safety of our guests, in line with all necessary precautions.

Call for Papers
Why is sustainability so relevant to the post-pandemic recovery? Share your experience and ideas with us and shape the agenda of the 11th edition of ABSL Summit.
Submit your topic proposal with a case study for a presentation or workshop/interactive session in the following areas:

  • New concept of doing business remotely, to shape a better and balanced new normal – flexibility, work-life balance and effective collaboration
  • Mental wellbeing of people – a critical business input towards rebuilding a more human workplace environment
  • Green revolution to improve people’s health and quality of life
  • Wellbeing as a top skill to create resilient workforces enabling businesses to thrive
  • Evolution of leadership directed towards developing soft management for sustainable strategies
  • Reskilling and Upskilling RevolutionDiverse and equitable workplaces, enhancing belonging and growing more sustainably with greater inclusion.
  • Reinventing business models in favor of a more sustainable and resilient approach to ensure business continuity, talent management and a new workplace environment
  • New quality of business acumen- business value and consumers at the core,implementing new norms and skillsets
  • Working as one ecosystem - a new way of understanding business reflected in inclusion and a common vision
  • New public-private closer cooperation as a way of fostering growth
  • Legal and regulatory environment supporting rather than imposing new rules.
  • Building a strong data foundation supporting future busines plan and model
  • Gaining advantage through practical digitization, analytics, RPA and AI
  • Speeding up pace of business adaptation vs the latest technological achievements
  • Defining the ethical boundaries of technology
  • Technology as a pillar for innovative solutions to tackle environmental challenges and achieve sustainable development goals.

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We kindly invite you to contribute to the agenda of the Summit and submit your proposal via this form by May 31st at the latest. Once your proposal is accepted, we will contact you to discuss the details and walk you through the registration process.