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The College of Science and Technology (CST) is now inviting student applications for the Summer and Fall 2017 Undergraduate Research Program (URP).

Student Benefits:
Research experience
Professional portfolio
Mentoring and networking
Stepping stone for professional and graduate school

The program is available only to full time undergraduate CST students.

To make it easier for students - you only need to apply once for the Summer and/or Fall 2017 URP.

The list of Summer 2017 projects can be found  HERE

The list of Fall 2017 projects can be found HERE

How the Summer & Fall URP application process works:

Apply online by Thursday 3/30 by 10PM

Approved students will be notified by end of day April 10th 2017

Students can then contact the faculty members who they are interested in doing research with and ask to set up an interview.
Faculty members will select the student(s) who they wish to work with and will notify them.
When selection is complete the URP Approval Form must be completed and submitted.

Summer URP Approval forms must be submitted by 4/26 to Rose McGinnis
Fall URP Approval forms can be submitted before you leave for summer break or when you return by 9/6.
We HIGHLY recommend that you submit your Fall URP Approval form before the Fall semester begins.

In order for a CST student to be approved for URP
They must have a CST GPA of 2.75 (which includes withdrawn CST courses and repeated CST courses)
Students must have or be completing two semesters in CST

Important notes for Summer URP:
(1) Students are eligible for a stipend of up to $4000 based on their participation in the summer research program. You will record your hours and be placed on the Temple Payroll  - please remember you must pay taxes on these funds
(2) There are no course credits awarded for Summer research
(3) You can NOT take courses while you are doing Summer URP - it is to be like a full time job so taking classes
would take away from your research experience.

Important notes for Fall URP:
(1) Students must register for a research course in their Fall 2017 schedule.
(2) Students who continue from Summer to Fall must submit a Fall URP Approval Form to continue
(3) Students are expected to work at least 10 to 12 hours a week in the lab or on their research

Additional questions may be directed to mcginnr@temple.edu

* 1. For which semesters are you applying? You can apply for both semesters via one application. Please indicate if you wish to do both.
NOTE: Not all faculty members take on students in the Summer

* 2. Please give us your contact information - please be accurate with your email address

* 3. Are you a transfer student? If yes, you must have completed at least two semesters here at Temple prior to acceptance into URP.

* 4. Have you participated in URP before? If so what semesters?

* 5. What is your expected graduation date?

* 6. Are you currently enrolled as a

* 7. What is your major department?

* 8. What is your current GPA?
You must have a minimum overall CST GPA of 2.75 (including repeated CST courses and withdrawn CST courses) as well as an overall GPA of 2.75

* 9. Have you ever been on Temple Payroll?

* 10. This is the list of Summer 2017 URP Projects
Please indicate which research projects you are interested in applying to?

If you are interested in only Fall 2017 see the question below to indicate which Fall Projects
you are interested in.
Remember not all faculty take students in the Summer so the summer list will be smaller -
You can select more than one project from the list below.

Read project descriptions Here

If you want to start in a lab this summer and continue through the fall you want to start with a Summer Faculty member
This list below was last updated 3/20/2017

* 11. This is the list of research projects for Fall 2017
If you are interested in Fall 2017 - Please indicate which research projects are you interested in.
This information will be shared with the participating Fall URP Faculty

You can select more than one project from the list below.

Read project descriptions HERE

If you want to start in a lab this summer and continue through the fall you want to start with a Summer Faculty member and let them know that you would like to continue in the Fall.
This list was last updated on 3/20/2017

* 12. Cover Letter.  Describe any prior work or research experience related to the project(s) to which you are applying. Include any information you would add in a cover letter when applying for this internship.

* 13. Membership in professional organizations or associations.  List any professional organizations or associations to which you belong.

* 14. Informed Consent - By submitting this application you are hereby giving us permission to share your relevant information with the faculty sponsors who are recruiting for the     CST Undergraduate Research Program - Summer 2017 or Fall 2017