It's time to start Stuffing the Bus!

West Virginia Central Federal Credit Union is proud to support area educators by collecting school supplies to support your classrooms. We award them on a by-request basis, and will have them ready to pick up on August 6-10, 2018. We will guarantee that whichever box option you choose it will be fully equipped. Please choose which box would best suite the needs of your classroom.

Standard Box:
4 Child Scissors
50 Pencils
4 Packs of Markers
10 Packs of Crayons
4 Packs of Color Pencils
24 Folders
25 Eraser Tops
15 Notebooks
20 Glue Sticks
6 Dry Erase Markers

Pre-K / Kindergarten Box:
Clorox Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
20 Glue Sticks
4 Child Scissors
10 Packs Primary Crayons
10 Primary Pencils
6 Dry Erase Markers
Craft Items

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