* 1. Student Information

Please make sure the Tartan ID# box is filled out, as it helps us with the upkeep of our database and fluency of our records. Thank you!

* 2. Course Information:

* 3. What semester did your service event take place?

* 4. Project Information:

* 5. Please read the following statements to see what is expected of you during the service learning event:
  • I will comply with all school and agency/community site rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • I will conduct my service learning activities at the agency/community site, under the supervision of the designated employee or representative of the agency/community site.
  • I will be punctual and conscientious in my attendance for the time of my service learning activity.
  • I will notify the supervisor or the agency/community site, in advance if I am unable to participate as scheduled.
  • I will consider as confidential all information concerning other people, clients, employees, and agencies/organizations.
  • I will make my work at the agency/community site the highest quality.
  • I will accept supervision and follow all directions during the service learning activity.
  • I will conduct myself with dignity, courtesy, and consideration. I will notify my instructor of any problems, emergencies, safety hazards, concerns, or suggestions regarding my service learning activities or community site.
  • I will complete all assignments related to my service learning activity.
  • I will arrange my own transportation to and from the service learning site.
  • I will obtain written permission from the agency/community site before publishing any material related to my service learning activity at the site.
  • I understand that while engaged in the Service learning activity I am not an employee of Sinclair Community College or the agency/community site.

* 6. By typing my name below, I understand that while participating in a service learning activity of my Sinclair Community College course, I must act responsibly, and I agree to the above conditions.