Living in Strasburg

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Let's begin the survey with a few questions about the quality of life for residents in Strasburg

* 1. How long have you lived in Strasburg?

* 2. How important are the following things in your choice to reside in Strasburg?

  Not Important Somewhat Important Very Important
My job is here or nearby
I want to be near family members who live in Strasburg or nearby
I prefer small town life over large cities
Strasburg is a great place to raise a family
The town is ideally located to provide a small town life but is a close drive to large city amenities
Outdoor recreation is nearby – including hunting, fishing, hiking, biking and more
It's where I have always lived and I can't imagine being anywhere else

* 3. How would you rate these Quality of Life issues in Strasburg?

  Poor Average Excellent
Safe Community
Good Schools
Friendly People
Opportunities for Employment
Ample Choices for Dining and Entertainment

* 4. What additions or improvements are needed to enhance the quality of life in Strasburg?

* 5. In your opinion, what advantages does Strasburg have over other cities or towns in the region?

* 6. What is the single best thing about living in Strasburg?

* 7. What is your least favorite thing about living in Strasburg?