In April 2023, the City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation heard your visions and goals for a cap over the Vine Street Expressway. This cap will be a public space, designed with the Chinatown community, that covers up highway traffic below the street. The Chinatown Stitch project can help to repair and mend the past harms of the Vine Street Expressway. We now need your help to identify a final design concept that will:

Reimagine the Vine Street corridor to improve neighborhood connections, create equitable mixed-use development opportunities, and add inclusive mobility options. 

Based on the first round of public engagement, here are the goals of the Chinatown Stitch cap:

  1. Create an inviting park space with landscapes and public plazas.
  2. Create a safe street design that extends the Chinatown neighborhood feel.
  3. Prioritize the elderly, young, and those with disabilities. 
  4. Include public civic buildings, facilities, and businesses that serve community needs.
These goals were used to develop three potential design concepts for the Chinatown Stitch cap. We would like to hear your thoughts on these concepts. The results of this survey will help choose one final concept that will be developed further. Thank you for your input.
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