The City of Stillwater needs your input on our community’s capital improvement needs that could be included in a bond election in 2018.

General obligation (GO) bonds are the main funding source for infrastructure projects.

We can’t meet every need with a single GO bond election; however, City Council wants to hear what improvements are most important to you.


1. Are there any physical improvement projects or capital needs that you think should be on a bond ballot? Write in your answer.

2. We have identified improvements and projects that could be funded with GO bonds and prioritized the following as our most critical needs.

The following capital improvements may be included on the 2018 GO Bond Election ballot.

Tell us how important it is for the next bond to fund the following improvements.

  Very Important Important Neutral Unimportant Very Unimportant Don't Know
Relocate Fire Station 2 (Knoblock & University) to a different location to provide better service delivery.
Replace the Animal Welfare/Humane Society building.
Transportation improvements (Streets, traffic control, bridges, sidewalks, trails, etc.)
Stormwater/Drainage improvements