* 1. Please identify your current role

* 2. Please select your main area of work

* 3. A member of the public collapses in the hospital corridor.

The correct course of action to summon help is:

* 4. True or false.

You can notify switchboard of a medical emergency from the phone on the patient's bedside locker.

* 5. Which if the following is the ONLY correct combination of colour codes for the emergencies:

A. Red = Medical emergency, Blue = Bomb threat
B. Black = Internal disaster, Brown = External disaster
C. Red = Code Black Alpha, Blue = Evacuation
D. Black = Personal Threat, Blue = Medical emergency
E. Brown = Evacuation, Red = Fire/Smoke

* 6. Your patient is deteriorating and you have already called the Medical Emergency Team (MET) call. Before the MET arrives, your patient has a cardiac arrest.

Do you have to call 55 and advise of a code blue?

* 7. True or false?

Alteration of respiratory rate is normally the earliest sign of clinical deterioration.

* 8. Hospital inpatients are monitored regularly by staff who observe and record vital signs.

Which of the following would be a good reason to assess vital signs for a patient?

* 9. Which of the following is NOT involved in the Escalation of Care process?

* 10. You are the Shift Coordinator. At 8pm when visitors are leaving, you are approached by a worried family member who tells you that their relative is much worse this afternoon, and the plan that the medical team discussed on the ward round this morning is not working.

What are some of the steps that you can take to assist and reassure them?