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Please read before completing an application. It is strongly suggested to call our office after completion of your STAR Application to inform our staff that it has been submitted and how the supporting documentation will be delivered to our staff members. Application`s will not be reviewed if the documentation listed below is not submitted to FHRC. If not, this will cause a delay in the processing of your application. Thank you! Call 440-392-0147.

FHRC`s Star Program consists of 2 different programs to target specific needs of the residents within our community. Listed below are the eligibility and program guidelines for each individual program.

Senior/ Disabled Short term Subsidy
·         Low to moderate income households
·         Must be 62 years or older or Disabled to apply
·         Currently have some form of income into the household
·         Demonstrate a need for assistance

This program provides a short term rental subsidy where FHRC can pay up to 70% of your rent and a utility allowance for up to 6 months. Eligibility is determined on a case by case basis.

 1st Months’ Rent & Utility Deposit
 ·         Low to moderate income households
·         Anyone can apply
·         Currently have income into the household
This program is to assist low to moderate income households with 1st months’ rent and utility deposit assistance to move into a new home. Eligibility is determined on a case by case basis.
FHRC cannot assist individuals who are currently receiving subsidy from another organization. (Section 8 Voucher, Extended Housing, Public Housing)

 All applications are processed on a case by case basis. Full subsidies are not guaranteed. Each application is processed with the first come and first served basis and is dependent on the Organization’s availability of funds. Lastly, all programs are considered a one-time use unless prior approval was granted.
In order to protect the health and safety of all clients and staff, at this time we are recommending that documents be submitted via email to Chris@fhrc.org, US mail, or the drop box located on the outside of our building. If you do not have access to a copier, please submit your originals and FHRC will copy and mail them back to you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate  to contact our office at (440)392-0147. 
Required Documentation:
  • Proof of Income- 30 days of current pay stubs for all members of the household or SSI determination letter, unemployment benefits statement, statement from employee, etc.
  • 30 Days of Checking and Savings account statements
  • Copy of Lease agreement (Senior/Disabled Short Term Subsidy)
  • Copy of Unsigned lease agreement (1st months rent applicants)
  • Proof of disability or veteran status 
  • Photo ID for anyone over the age of 18

If you need assistance to complete this application or would prefer for a paper application to be mailed please contact our office at (440)392-0147.

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