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NACVA expects its Standards and Ethics Q&A Hotline Moderators to respond to your questions within 72 hours but a 24 hour turnaround is ideal. The reason turnaround could take 72 hours is some questions require deliberation among members of NACVA’s Standards Board (SDB) or Ethics Oversight Board (EOB). One anonymous Moderator is assigned to respond to all questions from all members submitting questions in a calendar month; each new month, Moderators are rotated. Thus, if you have follow-up questions within the same month, it will be the same Moderator responding, allowing for a back and forth exchange. To use this service, we assume you have read and agree with the Disclaimer provided in this Standards and Ethics Q&A Hotline section of our website.

Moderators answers are subsequently submitted to the entire SDB for formal approval and possible modification prior to posting to NACVA's Standards and Ethics FAQ library. Where the Moderators answer is modified, the Member will be notified of such changes.

If you determine that you would like support from the Moderator that goes beyond just a few questions, feel free to ask the Moderator. If he/she is so inclined to provide such support, he/she can open up a dialog on non-NACVA e-mail channels. Alternatively, the Moderator may conclude the support you need goes beyond the scope of the Standards and Ethics Q&A Hotline platform; in which case, he/she is free to put forth that suggestion and you are free to engage the Moderator, look to our Mentor Support Exchange Directory, or elsewhere, for that additional support.

Please be as detailed as possible in explaining your question so our Moderator can give you the best and most complete response.

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Standards and Ethics Q&A Hotline Disclaimer

It is NACVA’s goal to provide answers to every question a member might have as it pertains to the services they provide that fall within the scope of the Association’s support to the business consulting community. Specifically, we support professionals providing services in business valuation, financial litigation consulting and expert testimony, and all areas of financial forensics analysis and consulting.

Our Moderators are human and thus, the answers they provide are not infallible. Their knowledge comes from education, experience, common sense, observation, and judgment, with judgement being the keyword. Judgement incorporates the weighting of each of the other elements from which advice is derived, and for that reason, answers given to a specific question could be different depending on who you ask.

We believe we have recruited the best people in the industry to be our Hotline Moderators, and we believe you will receive smart and expert answers to your questions. Moderators supporting the Standards and Ethics Q&A Hotline are drawn from current and prior members of NACVA’s Standards Board (SDB) and Ethics Oversight Board (EOB) and thus have the backing of the entire board with whom they can consult, at the Moderator’s discretion, should he/she feel the question at hand warrants SDB or EOB insight and deliberation. By electing to use this service, you agree to hold NACVA, the SDB, the EOB, and the Moderator harmless from any responsibility for answers and/or advice given to your questions. And you acknowledge that you understand we have no responsibility if these answers and/or advice are adjudicated to be incorrect, partially correct, incomplete, inadequate, a misinterpretation, or in any way faulty. Furthermore, you agree not to draw NACVA, the SDB, the EOB or the Moderator into any litigation where Moderator’s answers/advice was relied upon.