The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts® (NACVA®) fields many phone calls and e-mails monthly from members asking for advice on all aspects of the valuation and financial forensics process, but only a handful of those questions relate to professional standards as they pertain to valuation and litigation services. These calls usually range in length from 10 to 20 minutes, and the questions can encompass the entire spectrum of business valuation, litigation/expert support, and financial forensics services.

NACVA’s Standards and Ethics Q&A Hotline Moderator Team is comprised of three or more selected credentialed designees (CVA/MAFF) of NACVA with 10 or more years of experience in these consulting services who are currently serving, or have served in the past, on NACVA’s Standards Board (SDB) or Ethics Oversight Board (EOB). Moderators do not receive a fee for their services; they serve as volunteers. Moderators field e-mail queries from NACVA members and are expected to address their questions in a timely manner, ideally in under 24 hours, and in no case over 72 hours (which is when, in your opinion, the question warrants deliberation with other members of the SDB or EOB). Moderators will work in monthly rotations where, for one or more months of the year, you will be responsible to respond to every question that comes in that month. The number of months per year is determined by how many SDB or EOB members, current and past, volunteer to support the Standards and Ethics Q&A Hotline.

We require that all questions be documented by the Member in writing to facilitate building our FAQ library, but Moderators can respond via phone call if needed or requested. It is then incumbent, however, on the Moderator to document his/her response in writing to post to our Standards and Ethics FAQ library. Before posting, however, your response to the Member will be reviewed and approved by the SDB and EOB. If the Board has changes, they will be made and communicated by NACVA HQ to the Member. Thus, the Member must be put on notice that this is your opinion and is not that of the entire board who will take the issue up for full board approval.

If the Moderator does not feel qualified to respond to a Member’s question(s), he/she can refer that Member to another Moderator, the SDB or EOB for consideration, or back to NACVA Headquarters who will seek out someone to respond. If the Moderator and Member decide more time and support is required, they can work out a fee arrangement between them, with Member billed at the billing rate determined by the Moderator. Both parties must have a separate engagement letter documenting such arrangement and clearly indicating NACVA is not a party.

The Moderator’s performance will be subject to review by NACVA as provided for in the Standards and Ethics Moderator Evaluation Form. Furthermore, NACVA reserves the right to remove a Moderator, without cause, at any time. It is the intent of NACVA to keep the size of the Moderator Team between 3 and 12, drawing from individuals currently serving, or who have served, on the SDB or EOB. Moderators real names will be kept anonymous from Members. If the Moderator wishes to reveal his/her identity to the Member, you may do so at any time or as necessary where you have been asked and have agreed to do additional fee-based consulting for the Member.

If you are interested in participating as a Moderator in NACVA’s elite “Standards and Ethics Q&A Hotline,” and you meet and agree to the criteria outlined above, please complete the information and upload a current curriculum vitae (CV).

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It is important to NACVA to obtain your confirmation that you have read the information provided in this application and the descriptive information about how the Standards and Ethics Q&A Hotline and its Moderators are intended to function, and that you understand your role and responsibility. Furthermore, that you will perform your duties to the best of your abilities. To indicate your acknowledgement and agreement to the above, please sign and date below.

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