Medication Safety - Just how good is your knowledge?

The questions in the following quiz are about medication safety. You will be provided with your score at the end of the quiz.
Will you be the first to get them all correct? 

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* 2. Please identify your current role / profession

* 3. Please identify the area that you currently work

* 4. True or false - SPINACH is the acronym used to identify High Risk Medications in Australia

* 5. When a member of staff has made a medication error, the correct action required is always:

* 6. The correct way to prescribe insulin on a medication chart is to:

* 7. When writing a prescription, the prescriber must ensure that:

* 8. True or false - Antibiotics are classified as High Risk Medications

* 9. The Six "Rights" of Medication Administration are:

* 10. True or False - Intravenous Potassium Chloride can only be administered via a PICC line or Central line