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Welcome to the online application for SIA's 2021 Largest and Fastest-Growing Staffing Company Rankings and Opportunity Lists!

Give your company the recognition it deserves! Use this online application to enable your company to appear in Staffing Industry Analysts' 2021 rankings of the largest and fastest-growing staffing companies and/or appear in our 2021 reports on firms looking to make an acquisition.

The submission deadline is Friday, March 12th, 2021, for inclusion in our reports regarding North America and Friday, 14th May, for inclusion in our reports regarding other regions. Note that the application has two parts that must be completed by the deadline: the first part is the online application which begins on this webpage, the second part involves downloading an Excel application worksheet found at the end of the online application and e-mailing the completed file to Staffing Industry Analysts. The second part is strictly required for firms that wish to appear in our largest and fastest-growing staffing company rankings.

In addition, qualifying staffing firms in the US and Canada may use this online application to appear in our 2021 report on Diversity Staffing Firms.

Questions and assistance?
North America and South America companies please contact Timothy Landhuis at
Europe/Middle East/Africa/Asia Pacific companies please contact David Papapostolou at

This is not a confidential survey. Data submitted via this application may be published and distributed.

Begin the online application here:

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* 1. Does your company offer any of the following services?
Temporary staffing
Direct hire / Permanent placement
Retained search