St. Michael's Church Interior Design Preferences Survey

Hello St Michael's Parish! Welcome to the Design Preference Survey. We are very excited to collaborate with your Parish to re-imagine your Church Interior including the Sanctuary space, entry sequence, altar area, choir placement and new finish materials. You have put forth a tremendous effort so far allowing us to get here...actual renovation. However, we will need a little more of your time and input. This survey is intended to gather the voices in the community regarding YOUR design preferences. The following questions are proposed as a way for us to collaborate with St Michael’s Parish in whole. In our experience, listening to the Parish gives the design team direction and character for our architectural work. That said, preferences are what YOU prefer. This is not a vote and there is no winner. We simply seek to compile all that we can about YOUR preferences so as to learn how we can design a better project for YOU.

We want to know what YOU think. All of your answers should be your own. Be assured you will remain anonymous; for the survey program we use intentionally keeps all participants hidden. No one, not even the survey authors, can connect any data with any individual. So, sit back, relax and share your thoughts.
Thank you in advance for your interest, your time, and most importantly for your preferences.

* 1. Pick a pair of words that that YOU would likely use when describing St Michael's FUTURE sanctuary interior physical appearance:

* 2. Pick a pair of words that that YOU would likely use when describing St Michael's FUTURE sanctuary interior personality:

* 3. Pick a pair of words that YOU would likely use when describing St Michael's FUTURE sanctuary interior spiritual character:

* 4. What activities would YOU like the design team to consider especially in planning the sanctuary interior beyond the weekly Sunday Masses. (You may choose more than 1 activity)

* 5. During the weekly Sunday Mass, what activities would YOU like the design team to consider especially. (You may choose more than 1 activity).

* 6. Renovations give us the opportunity to correct accessibility shortcomings. This sanctuary renovation will be no different. Of the following options, choose those that YOU would like corrected. (You may choose more than one).

* 7. Architecture, even interior design, is meant to support the activities of a community. Knowing St. Michael's community as we do, this renovation means a lot more than just another renovation project. When completed, which of the following would YOU like St. Michael's to be known for.
Rank your answers from 1 most known for to 4 least known for.

* 8. Do YOU think that the current church pews are in need of renovation?

* 9. Renovations of existing worship spaces can dramatically change the character of the original space. Below are four Before and After images, showing different intensities of change. Of the images below, which would YOU prefer the design team use as inspiration?

* 10. Adapted technology can support and enhance a parishioners experience of the Mass. Which of the following practical applications would YOU use (or see others use) to support your Mass experience?

* 11. As everyone knows a vibrant, well rehearsed choir can enhance the setting and character of the Mass. Current liturgical practices allow the choir to be placed in a variety of locations around the sanctuary. Where in the sanctuary would YOU feel most supported by the choir?

* 12. In traditional cruciform church buildings like St Michael's the altar area can be placed in different locations in the sanctuary. The current configuration is a peninsula setting. Which of the following altar setting descriptions would YOU prefer?

* 13. We have been told that there is some interest in a devotional area in the church. Choose ONE image that reflects which type of devotional space YOU would prefer?

* 14. The character of a space is usually very difficult to articulate with words. So, it seems to us that a picture is worth a 1,000 words.  So, choose one image where YOU would prefer to attend Mass?

* 15. Here are a few more sanctuary interiors to look over. It may seem like a lot, BUT in which of these spaces would YOU prefer to attend Mass?

* 16. Statues along with other icons are often placed in the sanctuary as devotional aids. Given this, which ONE of the following images reflects the style of statuary YOU prefer as a devotional aid?


* 17. There has been some debate whether St Michael's should maintain the existing wood valance screen in front of the tabernacle. No decision has been made to date. However, the following images reflect different types of tabernacle settings used in other Catholic churches. How would YOU prefer the tabernacle be presented?

* 18. Color is very important to interior design, especially to church interior design. We've assembled a few examples of how some parishes have painted their sanctuary. Of these examples which do YOU prefer?

* 19. Renovations are always an opportunity to look at what we have and what we might want and decide if a change is needed. In our case, St Michael's altar furnishings have served the parish for a long time, BUT if we wanted to choose a new setting, which of the following alter furnishings do YOU prefer?

* 20. Seating is always a concern when renovating a parish's sanctuary. Of the following options which would YOU prefer?

* 21. Flooring is a big part of the appearance, budget and maintenance in a church renovation. Careful consideration of the materials used is typically reserved for the design professional. In this set of images, choose ONE flooring type that YOU would prefer to have underfoot?

* 22. How often do you attend Mass at St Michael's Parish?

* 23. Please specify your family status?

* 24. Please specify your age

* 25. Thank you for your participation in this design preferences survey.
Any comments you would like to express that have not been covered, please add your opinions below. And again thank you!