If you more than one child, please complete this survey for each one of your children.  

* 1. Think about the intercession programs your child attended March 5-7. How was your child's experience?
Mark your level of agreement for the statements below. Mark only one oval per row. 

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral  Agree Strongly Agree N/A
My child was excited about the sessions offered at their school. 
The sessions my child attended were related to their needs and interests. 
My child enjoyed the sessions they experienced at the intercession program. 
My child was able to try something new during the intercession. 
The field trips and/or guest speakers my child experienced were beneficial and engaging. 
Overall, I was pleased with the Spring Intercession.
I would recommend the Intercession program to other community members. 

* 2. What was your overall opinion of the Intercession program?

* 3. How beneficial is the intercession program to your child's overall education?

* 4. Do you feel the intercession program has made your child more excited to attend school?

* 6. What topics or activities could we offer in the future to meet your child's needs and/or interests?

* 7. What is your preferred method of communication about the intercession program?
Check all that apply. 

* 8. Please share any additional comments, questions, or suggestions you may have about the intercession program.