Building a soccer club for Spokane, by Spokane and with Spokane.
The best football crests in the world are worn over the heart. These club crests represent a place, the people and become a symbol of the stories within their communities. For some of these clubs, it also represents multiple teams all playing for a common goal – to play with passion and purpose for their community. 

We are starting with a blank canvas. USL Spokane's crest, colors and name will be a direct reflection of the people and place that make Spokane unique; this only happens with community participation and us listening to locals on what they love most about Spokane and the world’s game. Our goal is to create an identity, embodied in the crest, that is worn over all our hearts, and worn with pride by locals. It starts with you, and with this survey.

USL Spokane represents both the League One men's professional soccer team and W League women's elite team. For the purposes of this survey, we will ask questions that will apply to both teams. To learn more visit