Deadline February 15th 2021!!

Join us from September 23-25, 2021 for our 4th annual Therapy Reimagined conference!

For Therapy Reimagined 2021, we want to continue to innovate and explore how our profession is evolving. We’re looking for fresh, diverse perspectives on the issues that #moderntherapists face.

We are seeking speakers who are dynamic and engaging, with researched topics that are presented in practical and interactive ways. We have designed the following tracks:

Track 1: Business and Technology
We are looking for talks on how business and technology are transforming our profession. We have an option within this track to either provide CEs (looking at the intersection of business or technology and the clinical work, relevant laws and ethics, etc.) or non CE, providing state of the art information that #moderntherapists need to succeed in a format that does not necessarily need to conform to CE requirements.

Track 2: Ways of Being
Most conferences focus on what you do to or with clients -- the tasks of therapy. But there is a large and growing body of literature on the importance of working on you as a clinician -- your ways of being, rather than ways of doing. We have made it our mission to change that focus and provide challenging and empowering content that will transform how you are as a clinician. We welcome innovative presentations that guide therapists on their personhood as a therapist in ways that improve outcomes for clients.

Track 3: Ways of Doing
Many clients are not treated effectively by traditional therapy. As we increasingly understand the diversity of the people seeking treatment, we begin to realize that there is so much more to consider when we’re in the room. We’re looking for topics that blast through these gaps in our knowledge, looking at special populations, challenging treatment issues, and innovative techniques. We want the new stuff, the treatments that are not taught in graduate school, and the things that just plain work, even when it falls outside of the traditional literature. 

Track 4: Misfits, Outliers, Subversives, and Skeptics: Challenging the Status Quo
Systems are often created to sustain themselves. We believe this intent can lead to a toxic mess of complacency. Instead, we want to take the view of the skeptic, who is ready to turn psychotherapy or the profession as a whole on it’s head. Yes, we’re talking about the #moderntherapy upside down, folks. We’re not going to put any crazy theory up on the stage - we’re looking for well-researched, blow your mind, “why do we still believe the status quo any more” kind of shenanigans.

Types of Talks
Break Out Sessions (60-90 minutes, typically)
Thought Bubbles or Therapy Stories
We love the idea of getting bite size information that shares different perspectives. Please share with us a laser focused lesson OR a short story that reflects your experience as a therapist or an especially interesting client case (with all of the appropriate precautions about confidentiality and identifying info).

Also, for helpful advice on how best to fill out your application, please refer to the video of the Call for Speakers Application Webinar.

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