District Feedback Survey -- Southern Crescent District

Please give us your feedback on how District Volunteers and Professionals are doing so that we can help with follow up and better service to units and youth.

1. Are you a registered leader in a Southern Crescent District Unit, a Parent, or a District Volunteer (you might be all three!).

2. What is your overall evaluation of how well District Volunteers and Professionals help your unit?

3. What should change -- stop, do differently, change team members, change times/dates/locations -- in how the District Volunteers deliver District Services and Activities? Feel free to comment about any and all, whether Advancement, or Fundraising, or Activities, or Roundtable, or District Committee, or Commissioner Staff, or Membership/Recruiting, or District Banquet/District Awards, or TASCO, or Training, or Website, or Recharter, or Friends of Scouting, or anything else ... write as much as you want!

4. What should we add to the delivery of District Services and Activities? (See "Ways to Volunteer in the District to Help Units" on the left side of the District Website for possible ideas ... or a start ... ) ... write as much as you want!

5. And, please share with us ...

6. Thank you for your response. Please let us know if you have any other questions or comments about District Services ...