Long Beach, like cities around the world, faces challenges like traffic congestion, public safety, budget pressures, homelessness and climate change. Increasingly, Long Beach is using “smart city” tools to approach and solve these challenges.

Smart cities use technology and data to improve efficiency, manage complex city operations, deliver city services, and make policy decisions. However, some of these smart city conveniences may come at the cost of personal privacy. This short video offers a great visual representation of a smart city.

This survey is to help the City of Long Beach better understand residents’ opinions toward specific uses of personal information in a smart-city context. This survey will take you 5 minutes to complete.

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* 1. Were you previously aware of the term “smart cities”? If yes, where did you learn the term?

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* 2. Please rank the following smart city goals from most important (1) to least important (6).

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* 3. Do you use any of the following smart devices at home or at work? (Select all that apply)