I. Purpose of Assessment and Question Structure

The Smart Manufacturing Assessment & Readiness Questionnaire
contains 24 questions which should take approximately
10 to 15 minutes to answer.
PLEASE NOTE:  This Questionnaire is currently only open to U.S. Manufacturers.
If you do not manufacture your products in the United States, STOP HERE!
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Purpose of this Assessment:

The purpose of this assessment is designed to produce a snapshot of your company’s Smart Manufacturing (SM) status. With the introduction of new technologies and the use of restructured business processes, SM will be the backbone to improve effectiveness and efficiency and spur business growth. Based on your assessment results, a roadmap for implementing SM in your company along four dimensions:  Business Processes, Enabling Technologies (Sensors, Analytics, Cyber, Wireless Communication), Workforce Development (Training, Certifications, Skill Enhancements) and SM Platform (Business Intelligence, Cyber Intelligence, Machine Learning) will be proposed.

Structure of the questions:

Questions are on a scale of 1-6.  You must make a selection on the scale for each question asked.  A comment box is provided to write notes to supplement your answers. The questions are grouped into four sections as indicated below:

Business Practices – This section highlights how much and how well your company focuses on policies, processes, methods and rules in meeting company objectives. In addition, this section also demonstrates how much your company's operation is dependent upon people.

Enabling Technologies – This section shows how much your company has invested in technologies to support the business operations and manage the infrastructure.

Workforce Development - This section demonstrates how motivated your company is in ensuring that the workforce is trained and that their skills are current.

SM Platform – This section captures how well your company's operations integrates IT with operations technology.

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