Welcome to the Skagit River Recreation Flow Survey.

The purpose of this recreation flow survey is to gather information about recreation flow preferences for three river segments on the Skagit River along a 25.2-mile length from Goodell Creek Boat Launch to the Howard Miller Steelhead Park near Rockport:

·        Goodell Creek Boat Launch to Copper Creek Boat Access Site (the S-Bends whitewater section) (8.7 miles);

·        Copper Creek Boat Access Site to Marblemount Boat Launch (5.9 miles); and

·        Marblemount Boat Launch to Howard Miller Steelhead Park (the eagle viewing section) (10.6 miles).

A map of the Skagit River delineating these three river segments is provided below (Figure 1). However, on this stretch of the Skagit River, boaters may both combine or further divide these segments using both formal and informal access points along the river.

As you complete the survey, please base your responses on YOUR trips within these three river segments on the Skagit River. Limit your responses to the river segments where you have direct knowledge and experience. Survey results will be used in part to define the range of boatable flows for watercraft types for these three distinct river segments. The information gathered will help inform current and future opportunities for recreation flows in these segments of the Skagit River.

The recreation flow survey is part of a suite of studies associated with the relicensing process for the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project (Project). American Whitewater, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and North Cascades National Park participated in the development of this study plan. The Project is licensed to the City of Seattle, Washington, and operated through its publicly-owned electric power utility Seattle City Light (City Light). The Project is located in northern Washington state in the Cascade Mountains of the upper Skagit River watershed. Project operations release flows into the Skagit River downstream of Gorge Powerhouse. 

This online survey is best viewed using a computer screen. Question formats are not ideal for smaller screens such as mobile devices. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your input is greatly appreciated. Participation in this recreation flow survey is important to the success of the study. Please encourage others with knowledge of recreation flows in these three segments of the Skagit River to participate in the survey.

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Figure 1: Skagit River Recreation Flow Survey River Segments

Figure 1: Skagit River Recreation Flow Survey River Segments
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