1. SingularityU Nordic Executive Program

At SingularityU Nordic we carefully review each application in order to identify candidates who will not only deeply benefit from attending the program, but also bring their experience and perspective to share with their fellow classmates. We encourage you to be thoughtful in your responses on this application so that we may better understand your reasons for applying and your vision for how you will use what you learn to build a more abundant future. You will be contacted by our team once your application has been processed.

For questions or support please contact programs@sunordic.org

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Exponential Technologies

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Global Grand Challenges

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* 24. Please share something from your background/expertise that you think will provide value for the other participants at the SingularityU Nordic Executive Program (1 - 2 short paragraphs)

* 25. Imagine that it is 5 years from now and you are on the cover of your favorite business magazine because of an achievement that was kickstarted during your participation in the SingularityU Nordic Executive Program. What is the headline?

* 26. Terms and Conditions.
To see our Terms & Conditions, visit http://sunordic.org/termsconditions/

Thank you very much for taking the time and for your interest in The SingularityU Nordic Executive Program. We will get back to you within a week with follow up on the procedure. Have an abundantly great day!