What is it? 

Telephone Recovery Support is an innovative, peer to peer support service. Those in early recovery are given an opportunity to enroll in the program. Who is in recovery? You are, when you say you are! Participation is FREE, completely optional, and can be ended at any point.

How does it work?

Trained volunteers (who are, in many cases, in recovery themselves) will make weekly calls to connect with you. During the call, the volunteer will offer you  information about resources in the community-if you request. But more importantly, we just want to check in and see how your recovery is going! 

Our volunteers love making calls. They want to share with you in your joys and sorrows, triumphs and set-backs. 

Sign up below!

* 1. Name

* 2. Phone Number (XXX) XXX-XXXX

* 3. Best time of day to be contacted

Note: We will make every effort to place your weekly calls within your preferred time slot, but may need to try to reach you at another time depending on volunteer availability.

* 4. Is it OK for us to leave a voicemail message on your phone and/or leave a message if another person answers your phone and you are not available?

* 5. Where did you hear about this program?

* 6. The following information will help us evaluate our program. Leave blank any questions you are not comfortable answering.

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* 11. By checking "yes" below, you agree to the following:
*I grant permission for a volunteer from Voices of Hope to call me at the phone number I've provided to support me in recovery. Each time the volunteer calls, they will ask how my recovery is going and if I am in need of additional support.
*If at any time I decide that I no longer wish to take part in this service, I will notify via email (amanda@voicesofhopelex.org) or tell the volunteer when he or she calls.
*The information I provide to the volunteer will be confidential, unless the volunteer is required by law to report it (e.g, in the case that you are considering harming yourself or others, or that you report knowledge of child abuse or neglect)