It is estimated that there are over seven thousand people living with dementia in Sheffield. This is just over 1% of the population. On average, a person can live with dementia for a further 10 to 15 years after being diagnosed. Given the rise in the number of people living well into their seventies and eighties in the UK, this means dementia is an increasingly important factor in relation to how long we can expect to live in good health.

Inspired by the ‘Prime Minister’s 2020 Challenge on Dementia’, Public, voluntary, community and private sector organisations across Sheffield have committed to work together to improve the care and support for people of all ages living with or caring for those living with dementia to enable them to live life to their full potential.

The draft commitments have been influenced by national guidance and best practice as well as through conversations with people living with dementia, their carers, volunteers and professionals who support people living with dementia from both health and social care.

There is an on-going pledge to ensuring that the voices of people living with dementia and caring for those living with dementia are heard and used to develop the actions plans that will drive the delivery of the commitments once they are agreed.

We want to hear what you think about these commitments, how you think we might achieve them as a city, and how we will know when we are getting things right for people living with dementia.

Our Commitments
  1. Sheffield will become a dementia friendly city.
  2. We will ensure preventative health becomes an integral part of the dementia work.
  3. We will improve access to the diagnosis of the diseases that cause dementia at the earliest possible stage for the people of Sheffield.
  4. For people with dementia, support in Sheffield will be more personalised, local and accessible to help people to remain independent for as long as possible.
  5. We will provide high quality support to families and carers of people with dementia in Sheffield to help people with dementia maintain their independence for as long as possible.
  6. Sheffield will continue to provide out of hospital emergency assessments and short term care when people need it and in the most appropriate setting.
  7. Sheffield will continue to provide specialist inpatient assessment and treatment for people who are unable to receive care in their own homes.
  8. We will make sure that more people get access to personalised, good quality palliative and end of life care when they need it.
  9. We will improve care for people with dementia attending A&E and those admitted to Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.
  10. Care homes will take account of the needs of people with dementia.
  11. We will support the clinical and non-clinical research community in Sheffield.
  12. We will provide guidance to clinicians in relation to the best medicines for dementia, including when to initiate and review medication.
  13. We will monitor the strategy and the implementation plan supporting it.

You can find more detail on each of the commitments in the full Draft Sheffield Dementia Strategy here.