Welcome to the Superior Court Senior Judge Performance and Fitness Evaluation

The District of Columbia Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure ("CJDT" or "Commission") has the responsibility to determine whether or not a retiring judge of the DC Courts who wishes to continue their judicial service, should be recommended for appointment as a Senior Judge.  The statute requires the Commission to conduct a thorough review of a judge's physical and mental fitness, and evaluate the candidate's ability to satisfactorily perform judicial duties.  The Commission must submit a written report of its findings to the appropriate Chief Judge and the report must include the Commission's recommendation concerning a judge's fitness and qualifications to continue judicial service.  If the Commission makes a favorable recommendation, the Chief Judge determines if the judge is to be appointed a Senior Judge.  If the Commission makes an unfavorable recommendation, the requesting judge is ineligible for appointment. 

The Commission invites comments from members of the Bar, representatives of the Court system, and the general public on each of the candidates.  If you wish to provide comments for more than one candidate, you will need to complete a separate survey for each.  Your comments will assist the Commission as it evaluates each candidate, and all comments will be kept confidential.  The Commission encourages you to provide narrative comments such as examples of experiences you have had before a candidate.  Specific references directing the Commission’s attention to a particular case or proceeding will also be very helpful.
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