Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on the information shared at the March 9 Public Open House regarding Eastern Corridor Segments II and III (Red Bank Corridor area to the I-275/SR 32 Interchange).

Information was shared at the Open House through a series of information boards and a Fact Sheet. You can view these materials by clicking here. Please note that Question 1 below focuses specifically on Boards 20 – 25.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is committed to using input from residents, property owners, businesses and others to help identify and develop transportation improvements needed within the Segments II and III study area. Your input is appreciated.

* 1. For the purposes of this Study, Eastern Corridor Segments II and III have been divided into six Focus Areas. Open House boards 20 – 25 highlight primary and secondary transportation needs identified within each of these Focus Areas (click here to review the boards). Please use the space below to share any comments you may have regarding the information presented on these six boards.

* 2. Please use the space below to share any additional comments you may have. 

We would appreciate your responses to the items below to help the project team gain a better understanding of the comments shared.

* 3. Name of the community in which you LIVE:

* 4. Zip Code in which you LIVE:

* 5. Name of community in which you WORK:

* 6. Zip Code in which you WORK:

* 7. Please provide your email address below if you would like to receive project updates via email.

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