Sanctuary Point Bendigo Bank and surrounding village community representatives are facilitating the preparation of the Bay & Basin Community Led Strategic Plan.

The Bay & Basin Community Led Strategic Plan will articulate the broad values, future needs and priorities of the Bay & Basin area.

The findings of the Bay & Basin Community Led Strategic Plan will inform planning and project deliverables for the community, Council, State Government and other partners.

This is the second of two surveys that will provide valuable information to understand how the Bay & Basin sees itself now, where it sees itself in the future and will set out an opportunistic pathway to move ahead.

This second survey will reinforce and expand on the themes and findings from the initial survey (which was conducted during November/ December 2020) and the questions below are directly based on the results gathered from that process.

After this survey the process will involve:

1. Analysis of the second survey results.

2. Preparation of the draft Bay & Basin Community Led Strategic Plan for further community review.

3. Finalisation of the Bay & Basin Community Led Strategic Plan based on the community’s feedback.

We welcome you to join and participate in the preparation of this significant community project for the Bay & Basin area, and we thank you in advance for participating by completing this survey.

If you wish to complete this survey as a hard copy please print the PDF file and return the completed survey to:

1 Sanctuary Point & Districts Community Bank Branch
1/200 Kerry Street
Sanctuary Point NSW 2540
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