Thank you for your interest in APsA's Scientific Program.

Proposals should address pressing contemporary psychoanalytic issues, which include, but are not limited to:
(1).  ongoing developments in theory and practice
(2).  our expanding self- definition:  what does and does not constitute "psychoanalysis"
(3).  the status of social and historical determinants in the formation and maintenance of psychic realities
(4).  our relation to the cultural surround, past and present
(5).  our conceptualizations of identity:  self, race, gender, sexualities

Please remember that there should be no identifying information in your proposal. If your proposal contains patient information, it must be disguised.

Before completing this form, please download the Continuing Education Criteria Form. You are not required to submit the CEC form now, but you should review it as it will help you formulate an appropriate, competitive proposal. More information about the CEC form is found in question #3.

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