Application for the 2024 Scaife Advanced Medical Student Fellowship in Substance Use Disorders

Thank you for your interest in the Scaife Medical Student Fellowship in Substance Use Disorders. The application deadline is February 18, 2024 at 11:59PM. Only complete applications will be considered. Acceptance to the fellowship is based on session availability and three short essay questions. If you choose to upload a resume or CV, it will only be viewed to clarify something you refer to in your essays or in tie-breaking cases.

Application decisions will be sent out via email by mid-April. Students who are wait-listed will be accepted on a rolling basis.
Please note
  • The Scaife Fellowship is a three-week experience. For the 2024 fellowship, the first week will consist of remote virtual learning, and the second and third weeks will be held in Pittsburgh, PA for onsite experiential learning. For the first week that the program is remote, we ask that you attend from somewhere that has a reliable internet connection. 
  • The fellowship is a full-time three-week commitment. We ask that you are not taking on other significant commitments such as work or classes for the period of the program.  
  • This fellowship cannot count as clinical or practicum credit as it does not include hands-on clinical experience. Other forms of credit will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
NOTE the form will not allow you to advance pages without answering required questions. Therefore, we've included the short essay questions here and recommend that you prepare your answers in advance of beginning the application.

Short Essay Questions
: (3 questions equally weighted, 250 word max each)
1. Substance use and addiction are connected to a number of other health and social issues at the individual and community/societal levels. Discuss a connection or connections in which you are personally or professionally interested.
2. What skills or topics would you most like to learn about during the fellowship and why? 
3. Describe how you will apply the knowledge and skills that you learn during the fellowship to your future clinical practice.
If you have any questions, please contact Marla Kauffman at or call the IRETA main line at 412-258-8565.