Welcome to the Salem Baptist Church 2019 Engagement Survey!

Greetings in the name of He who orders our steps and directs our paths!

For the Salem Baptist Church 2019 is the Year of Reclaiming! We are reclaiming souls and the promises the Lord has made to His people. Earlier this year, I informed the congregation that as we move toward celebrating our centennial in 2022, there were six elements we would focus on this year:
• Promoting the Vision
• Prayer
• Showcasing Salem’s Ministries
Hearing from the Membership
• A Feasibility Study of a Community/Youth Center and Satellite Worship
• Planning for our Centennial Celebration in 2022

I am reaching out to you currently because we need you to assist us in fulfilling two of those elements. We want to hear from you! Below is a link that will connect you to a survey that will allow us to hear your input, insights and concerns. It is vital that you participate so your voice can be heard. Please take a few moments and complete the survey.

The survey is anonymous. It will allow you to speak openly and freely.
Thank you in advance for your participation and cooperation.
Peace and Blessings!