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Home Efficiency

What is Home Retrofitting?
Definition: modifying your home to improve energy efficiency through insulation, cutting out draughts and installing more energy efficient heating systems.


Thank you for taking part in this the second research study undertaken by Zero Carbon Harrogate as part of its programme to improve home energy efficiency in the Harrogate District through home retrofitting. It will soon be two years since we launched the Retrofit Programme and we are keen to understand peoples views on retrofitting their homes.
The purpose of the study is to gather information about:
o   attitudes to energy efficiency in the home
o   understanding of house retrofitting
o   action to improve energy efficiency.
There are a maximum of 20 questions to answer and should take no longer than 8 minutes to complete.
Please note that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions and all responses will be anonymous.  
More information about Zero Caron Harrogate and house retrofit can be found at
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