1. SME Member Area of Expertise


SME has identified the need for the creation of a public affairs and government relations committee within SME and the assignment of professional staff to coordinate its activities. This committee will create a system for providing timely responses to urgent inquiries from SME stakeholders on topics concerning mining, minerals and extractive industries, and develop a structured program to develop Technical Briefing papers for informing and educating SME audiences.

One objective is to create an expert SME knowledge base that can be leveraged to advocate on behalf of the industry, to inform community leaders and educate congressional staff.

To accomplish this task and organize the expertise of SME's membership, please take a few minutes to answer the following short questions.

If you have any questions, please contact John Hayden at hayden@smenet.org or 720 237 6547.

* Are you licensed or registered as any of the following?

* Do you have a specific expertise in any of the following areas?

* Would you be willing to be called upon to testify before Congressional committees or provide expert testimony to other fact-finding groups?

* Would you be willing to assist in the development of Technical Briefings relative to your specific area of expertise?

* Would you be willing to review material from your area of expertise?

* Would you be willing to speak with a reporter?

* Please use this space to offer any additonal comments or suggestions.

* The following demographic information is required in order for SME to characterize our membership's expertise.

SME staff will only refer stakeholder inquiries to those SME members that give prior approval to be contacted by third parties.

* For SME's international members, please use this demographic form.