The Capstone Award is presented annually by the California JPIA to an individual who best exemplifies the practice of risk management among the member agencies. Again, this year, this important recognition will be awarded to an outstanding individual as part of the Authority's Risk Management Educational Forum.

The criteria for the 7th annual Capstone Award are as follows:

  • Works to support traditional or enterprise risk management efforts for the member agency
  • Develops, implements and administers loss prevention and loss control programs to mitigate risk exposures for the member agency
  • Coordinates support systems that serve the member's risk management goals and needs
  • Influences others in developing quality risk management programs for the member agency

We need your help in identifying those hardworking individuals who work behind the scenes to ensure that your agency runs smoothly and manages risk well!

If you would like to recognize a deserving colleague for the Capstone Award, please complete the information below. We would love to schedule a convenient date and time with you to hear more about the special individual whom you nominated!

The deadline to submit a name for nomination is June 19, 2019.

For questions about the Capstone Award, please contact Abraham Han at or (562) 467-8778.

The following questions ask for information about the individual you are nominating for the Capstone Award.

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* Full name of Capstone Award nominee

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The following questions ask for your information.

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* Member agency (for example, "City of __________")

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