The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is completing a Statewide Transit Plan and is seeking input from all Georgians. GDOT will coordinate closely with local jurisdictions, regional transit planning entities, such as the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (the ATL), metropolitan planning organizations, and transit providers for this statewide effort. Local and regional transportation plans will be integrated into the Statewide Transit Plan, documenting needs for public transit and prioritizing future transit projects. Your input is valued.

The survey is also available in the following languages: Spanish (en español), Vietnamese (bằng tiếng việt), Korean (한국어로), and Chinese (用中文).

For more project information, please visit the project website at this link.


Georgia DOT is available to provide the public with high quality technical assistance, resources, guidance, and any other information in regards to Title VI.  If assistance in other languages or a request for accommodation is necessary, please contact:

Georgia Department of Transportation
Equal Employment Opportunity Office
(404) 631-1972 | TTY Help Desk: 711 |

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* 1. Which best describes your use, or potential use of transit?

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* 2. How often do you ride transit?